What We Do

Right of Way Consulting (ROWC) is the perfect company to work with when it comes to Roadway worker in charge (RWIC) services as we have the experience, expertise, and team to help your company. We have been handling railroad flagging services for over thirty years (Est. 1987) and are still the leader today.

The quality that is brought to the table from ROWC is beyond reproach. Our team is responsible, professional, and ethical from the day we start working with you. When you combine that with our team you will see the quality of everything improve that we are involved in.

Every member of our team is continuously tested and audited to achieve the highest caliber of professionals. We continue to adapt and change to the latest safety standards.

ROWC Commitment to Safety

Safety is of the utmost importance at ROWC. We provide the leadership, organization, training and resources necessary to achieve our goal of being the safest Flagging Contractor in the U.S. through a continual focus on: A Strong Safety Culture Where every employee is committed to their personal safety, to looking out for each other, and making Safety a Core Value. A Safe Work Environment where safely conducting all operations is the top priority, regardless of the nature, importance or urgency of the job. Safe Work Practices and Training that ensure employees have the necessary tools and training to work safely. ROWC uses a wide variety of processes and initiatives to maintain a safe workplace. This includes our Safety Management System, a formal framework for integrating safety into day-to-day railway operations, which applies to all employees and governs our relationship with railroads, contractors and other stakeholders while on railroad property. ROWC complies with all applicable rules and regulations to maintain a safe, secure and healthy workplace. All employees are responsible for complying with all company and railroad safety policies, rules and procedures.


The Management team consistently communicates with the flagmen to promote field support and a close working relationship to encourage positive reinforcement. As management we want our RWIC’s to know they can come to us with questions without fear of reprimand if it is not warranted. Right-of-Way values our RWIC’s and holds a high priority on consistently mentoring, communicating and accessing At Risk Behaviors. When there is a problem, something not understood or an At Risk Behavior observed, we want to understand why this is happening or not understood to address the problem and learn from it as a team.

Drug and alcohol testing program

ROWC has an FRA approved Drug and Alcohol Testing Program in place. The program includes pre-employment drug and alcohol screening as well as random testing. The program complies with 49CFR Part 219 that took effect on June 12, 2017.

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