Our Services

Right-of-Way Consulting (ROWC) provides professional qualified Railroad Flagman (RWIC’s) to physically represent your Railroad or Company on construction activities by contractors and Roadway workers. ROWC provides an experienced RWIC staff and management team who understands the value of safety and efficient train operations. We dispatch our staff to best serve your Companies interests and operations across the country. Our management team continuously audits our field staff on a regular basis to provide mentoring, training and focused direction to ensure our RWIC’s perform to the highest standards.

Duties shall include, but, are not limited to:

  • Providing on-track safety for Contractors and Roadway Workers in accordance with Railroad rules, procedures and operations.
  • Enforcing Railroad safety rules and regulations upon all personnel working on or visiting the job site. ROWC representatives have authority and are required to stop all work when contractor is not in compliance with Railroad requirements.
  • Coordinating construction activities with Railroad operations to ensure safe and expedient movement of trains and other track units.
  • Protecting Railroad facilities, equipment and property – including the integrity of the load zone.
  • Inspecting work for compliance with Railroad specifications for construction.
  • Insuring outside authorities (i.e., miss dig, cable owners) are notified prior to excavating on Railroad property.

Supervision/Flagging for underground construction

  • Jack & bore construction
  • Horizontal bore pipe construction
  • Hand mine tunnel construction
  • Foundation construction

Overhead Construction

  • New power line construction
  • Relocation of existing power lines
  • Maintenance of existing power lines including tree and bush removal

Fiber Optic Cable Construction

  • Plowing in of duct & cable
  • Horizontal bore construction
  • Bridge attachment construction
  • Installation of splice boxes and hand holes
  • Duct tie-ins
  • Jetting or puling in fiber optic cable
  • Splicing Fiber optic cable

Other projects

  • Preparation of sub-grade and sub-base for railroad and highway construction
  • Storm water and sewer construction
  • Building construction
  • Bituminous and concrete paving
  • Foundations
  • Retaining walls
  • Fencing
  • Lighting
  • Track work
  • Billboard installation
  • Bridge construction

Additional ROWC Responsibilities

  • Training: At no expense to the Railroad or Contractor, all ROWC personnel will be trained and certified in Railroad rules, regulations and on-track safety requirements.
  • All employees have passed an e-Verifile background check and are e-Railsafe qualified
  • Safety/Communications Equipment: ROWC personnel will be equipped with all the proper PPE, base radios and handset with proper frequencies and cell phone for communication.

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